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[SNS] 200819 テギョン Twitter update (14:56)

[SNS] 200819 テギョン Twitter update (14:56)

Best of TY Performance?? Well, i would say https://t.co/J1m68blaBd i was in Busan for BIFF, and having a drink with my friends at the afterparty where Baek Ji Young nuna was supposed to perform! I ran upto the stage as soon as the song started playing!

TYのベストパフォーマンス?? んーと、自分的には https://t.co/J1m68blaBd 釜山映画祭で釜山にいて、ペクチヨンヌナが出演予定だったアフターパーティーで友達と呑んでいた時! 曲が流れ出してすぐにステージに上がったんです!#30days_HOTTEST_Challenge


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